Two Stray Dogs Keep Wagging Tails At Every Passerby In Parking Lot To Take Them Home

 They didn't want food, their tails are saying : Take me home

This story speaks about 2 stray dogs who were living during a fast-food restaurant parking zone begging people to assist them, but nobody cared! That’s when Destiny Vasquez, an eighteen-year-old saw one among the dogs and took her phone out and began recording a video that then changed the dogs’ lives.

The teenager then called her mama, Jessica Marin, to tell her that she wanted to save lots of the dog as she couldn't just leave it there without doing anything. Thankfully, her mama agreed, so, the girl went back to the lot to seek out 2 dogs rather than one. When the mama came, she knew from the workers of the restaurant that the two dogs had been living in the parking together for a few weeks.

So, she took some photos of the dogs and sent them with the video that her daughter recorded to Leslie Ysuhuaylas Hennings, who posted the story on Facebook that went viral and caught the eye of a volunteer for Animal Aid Brigade in Houston called Ana Teran who directly rented a vehicle and drove all far away from Houston to Brownsville to need the dogs. The dogs didn't seem to trust people, but once they saw Teran, they were very excited and happy as if they know that she was there to assist them.

So, they were loaded into Teran’s car. So, when Teran saw that, she decided to rescue more dogs before heading back to Houston, and she or he was ready to rescue 9 other puppies later.

The best thing was that she also decided to adopt the two pups that were found in the parking zone She or he also named them Pepper and Patty. Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends.

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