Unwanted Dog Tries To Become Invisible By Burying His Face In The Corner

 She has been shot with pellet guns, and she would do anything to avoid interacting with humans.

A call came to Hope For Paws a few poor stray pooch who had stayed at an grade school for the last 9 months. She wouldn't approach people as she was scared of everyone, she saw but she was ready to eat what the scholars gave her which was watermelon.

Joann Wiltz and Katie McKittrick visited rescue the dog who was very hesitant to trust people, but she was very hungry, so she was lured over by food that was employed by Joann Wiltz and Katie McKittrick.

The dog, that was named Lilac, was put during a crate and transported to the hospital where they found that she had been shot by a pellet gun and her fur was filled with foxtails and thorns.

At first, she didn't trust anyone, but also didn't show any signs of aggression. Thankfully, she was trained by Bored and Behave and she or he was adopted by Tanja who was chosen by Lilac. Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends.

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