While They Were Biting Him All Over, He Cries Loudly “Don’t Make Me Fight” Any More

 They forced him into the fighting ring trying out to make him fight, but he doesn't want to. All he just want is to make friends

This story speaks about Phoenix, a poor dog who was a victim of dog fighting every day! After being so weak, he was left near Mexicali!

He was scared, skinny, and covered in horrific wounds. Unfortunately, he wasn't ready to open his eyes as his head had been bitten numerous times!

Thankfully, he was found wandering the streets by a lady called Virginia, who directly took him to the vet, where she knew that the dog has Ehrlichia as he was used as a bait dog.

He needed tons of affection and intensive treatment as his liver was damaged and was anemic and underweight. Despite all he had been through, she is loving and friendly. Virginia stayed with Phoenix through his recovery, and took him home when he was finally healed.

Phoenix is now so happy to spend the remainder of his life during a forever home with Virginia, who really loves him.

Watch the video below.

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