Woman Who Feed Chained Dog For A Full Year, Could Finally Take Her Home

This story speaks about an Akita dog called Takia, who was chained up to a dog house at Laura Seymour’s neighbor’s home. Seymour saw Takia a year ago for the prime time but she noticed that the dog didn’t have water or food in her bowl so, she decided to introduce herself despite Takia’s big size.

Surprisingly, Takia is kind to her and then very friendly to her! Therefore, Seymour began to visit Takia three times a week to provide her with water and food. By days, their friendship grew and Laura’s concern also, because the dog was left outside day and night scorching summer, bitter cold, and therefore, the pouring rain.


So, she considered stealing her but she knew that it wasn’t the proper thing so, she called animal control to intervene. She was told that as long because the dog had shelter, water, and food, she wasn't necessarily being neglected!

Seymour continued taking care of Takia for a year, and she or he even brought her mama to mention hi to the dog. That’s when her mama told her to call animal control again. The miracle did happen, because Takia was surrounded in a shelter the next day and actually saw more volunteers coming to adopt her.

Thanks to Seymour who was finally ready to change Takia’s life as she is now having an excellent life with a warm bed and a free room to play. What a cheerful ending! Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends.

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