A Loyal Dog in China Refuses to Eat or Drink Until Its Owner Returns; Unknowing that Its Master Has Passed Away

A heartbreaking video shows a dog expecting its owner to return. It refuses to eat or drink and is caught on video lying inside a little room on a pile of newspapers and medical reports, unknowing that its owner has died. An insider said that the loyal dog has been with its owner for 15 years before his passing. The viral clip is posted in hopes of finding people to assist the poor dog.

Heart-breaking footage shows the faithful pet lying on the bottom during a pile of newspaper and medical reports, looking sad and unwell. The emotional video was published last month in China’s video site, Xuanwo Video. According to the netizen who posted the video, the exhausted and weary dog is seen lying during a small room on top of magazines, newspapers, and medical reports in its owner’s range in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province in southern China.

The loyal dog refuses to eat or drink until its owner comes home. In the video, which was recorded through a window, the dog appears limp and helpless because it lies on a pile of newspapers, magazines, and medical reports. A neighbor told Xuanwo that the dog refused to eat food or drink water since its owner, an octogenarian, has passed. The poor dog had no idea its owner isn't coming home.

A neighbor said it had been expecting its dead owner. “Since the elderly man died, the dog has not eaten food or drunk liquid, and has been lying in rubbish,” the local claimed. “[The elderly man] had kept it for 14 or 15 years. it's so moving. Such a little animal has such a lot sentiment and devotion.”

An anonymous source revealed that the video clip is released in hopes of finding anyone to assist the poor dog.

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