Anguished Mama Dog Keeps Crying Out For Help For Her Injured Puppy

She couldn't stop crying when her baby cried.

A call came to Animal Aid Unlimited several mother dogs; his injured puppies are lying on the street. When the rescuers arrived, they were shocked to find out the mama cried when her baby cried!

They shared online that the mama dog desperately tried to speak with the rescuers, who took the wounded pup, who was wailing in agony, had been mauled, and had 2 deep wounds, and placed it in the ambulance.


The mama dog then trusted the rescuers, and knew they were there to assist her baby, who was then taken back to Animal Aid’s shelter, where his puncture wounds were treated.

The poor baby wasn't ready to walk thanks to his wounds. But Toggle, the pup, began to recover after many love, food, and rest.

He was then able run again. The simplest thing was that he also reunited with his mama! The reunion was emotional!

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  • Unknown
    Unknown January 29, 2021 at 2:50 PM

    Horrible to see that little pup
    py with its mouth open in pain...I sure hope it was helped and given pain meds


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