Another broken dog hit by a car and attacked by animals in San Bernardino

In San Bernardino, California, an honest Samaritan reported a dog in serious condition lying helpless on the sidewalk on Saturday morning. It wasn’t long before Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue received the situation to assist .

Sadly, the dog had been wandering the neighborhood for days in extreme pain and ignored by passersby. Volunteers transport the dog to Camino Pet Hospital: “On the thanks to the vet Calypso [named by the vet] never blinked. At one point Jim was afraid he had died. Obviously he was in severe shock,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page.

Once Calypso received the veterinarian hospital, he was stabilized with intravenous fluids, pain medications and antibiotics. His diagnosis was heartbreaking; what must this dog have endured? Someone had been shooting at him with a pellet gun – six pellets were discovered in his x-rays. He also suffered from several bite wounds from either other dogs or possibly coyotes.

Veterinarians also speculate he had been hit by a car. He suffers from a minor fracture to his rear leg which will probably heal without surgery, but he also features a major open fracture on his front leg which can require surgical repair or possibly amputation.

“As of 12/13/2020 at 6:00 PM Calypso has reached $5000.00 in donations. We expect his costs to be quite $5000.00, but don't know needless to say yet. If the total donation exceeds the total amount required for Calypso to complete, the additional amount will be used to help other animals in need to rescue Calypso, Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, which may be a 501c3 charity .”

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