Cop Saves Blind Puppy From Meth Lab Who Now Could Find His Forever Home

The police officer ended up going above and beyond to protect and save poor little puppy

When Hanna, a deputy officer visited a suspected meth lab during a house, she didn't expect to find out dogs everywhere! They also found 3 men preparing to cook!

They found 15 dogs on the property, and one of them was blind! Hanna’s attention was caught by the Australian Shepherd mix while taking the dogs to the local shelter.

Hanna decided to try to something as what she saw broke her heart! She said that he wouldn't last long, if he was taken to an overcrowded shelter, so, she took him to the vet, where he was cleaned up, given all his shots, and tested for distemper and parvo. She then took him home as well as her, and was ready to find a home for him, where he will receive love and care he needs.

He was also named James, aka James Holman, the Blind Traveler, who travelled everywhere the planet in the 1800s. What a cheerful ending!

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