Cyclist couple finds malnourished dog on the road and adopts him

Anyone who has rescued a lost animal knows that there's no day or place for it. And that’s what happened to a few of cyclists here in Brazil. That they had found a touch dog in the middle of nowhere and decided to need it home.

Photos of the boy went viral on Facebook, and his behavior moved people the most.foremost. WithinIn the image, the biker with the puppy on his back told many people that moment.


Ladislau Alcântara and Rose Jansen were on a motorcycle tour once they first saw the animal. The dog seemed as if a bassé – the famous “sausage” – and was very malnourished.

The place where the cyclist found him appeared to be very arid, so probably the animal was very hungry and thirsty. The cyclists took the small dog, put it in their backpack, called him, and took it home! It didn’t take long for the dog to win the house and then the heart of this couple. The three were more and more inseparable.

The new member of the family then got a name: Rotivi, but as he “speaks” on Instagram: “my current person calls me Pelanka due to the thin I went through.” Pelanka has now become the inseparable companion of the 2 cyclists and is then with them on all rides.

The couple showed that once we really need something, we always try to make everything go smoothly. Even without an area for Pelanka, Ladislau and Rose gave how to adopt the backpack but didn't leave the small dog abandoned on the road.

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