Depressed Elderly Dog Who Used To Put His Face In Corner Of Kennel Gets His Forever Home

Jack, a senior dog, was so scared and depressed when he received Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in Virginia. His sadness was so big as he’d place his face in his kennel’s corner.

Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society wrote that Jack places his face in the corner whenever they enter his kennel, so that they are forced to select him up. They also acknowledged that he becomes a touch bit more alive when he's outside.

So, Susie’s Senior Dogs decided to seek out a forever home for him after a month at the shelter. They shared a post on Facebook saying that although Jack was afraid of the shelter, he had never seen any attacks on volunteers or staff.

They also added that they wanted to seek out a forever home for him as they're heartbroken to think that he may have lived for his entire life as well as his loneliness.

Thankfully, many inquiries were received by Susie’s Senior Dogs for Jack, who is heartworm positive and has bad hips and pre-renal disorder . Happily, a stunning girl came on to the shelter to satisfy Jack as well as her other canine companion.

The meeting was so good, because the woman was directly crazy by Jack, and Jack was very friendly with her. So, she decided to adopt him to some as well as her other companion. How a cheerful ending!

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