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Dog Catches A Scent And Follows His Nose Into The Snowy Woods To A Lost Pup

 Banjo has always had an honest nose, even for a dog. But nobody could’ve guessed the nine-month-old German Wirehaired Pointer would use that talent to save lots of a life someday!

One day, Banjo and his dad, Kerry, were skiing near their range in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, when the dog’s tailed perked up and he took off running through the snow toward the woods after catching a scent.

Dad knew something was wrong, so he followed behind. When he need to the woods, he saw a fluffy golden head peek up. it had been a lost puppy, and he was sitting during a burrow he’d dug to sleep in.

He was cold and afraid and wouldn’t let the person close, so Kerry called upon animal control. They were ready to get ahold of the dog’s owners, and therefore the sound of their voices on speakerphone comforted the pup!


Kerry learned the dog’s name was Louie which the pup had gone missing from a dog park a couple of days ago. then a blizzard swept through the world making it even harder for his owners to seek out him.

Mom was out with an enquiry group when she received the decision that Louie was found. She made her way through the knee-deep snow for the half-hour hike to reunite with him, and everything was perfect once again!

Louie is safe and sound and really warm reception today, and it’s all because of Banjo and his super-smeller of a nose! 🙂

H/t: The Dodo