Dog tries to resuscitate cat he found in the middle of the street after being run over

This story shows us the characteristic nobility of animals, who are very supportive and protective beings. Loaded with much love, especially with the foremost vulnerable, no matter the differences, which will exist between them.

Pantera Negra may be a noble puppy, it does its best to help a kitten lying on the street without mobility. Unfortunately, this kitten died at the instant he was run over. But the Black Panther tried to revive him several times.

Although the feline was lifeless, the dog kept trying to push him off the road in Guangyuan, China. Who thinks that there can’t be a gorgeous friendship between dogs and cats is a way from reality. Within the video, you'll see how the puppy tries to revive and rescue the cat that was lying on the bottom after a tourist ran him over.

This dog was near the scene of the accident and after seeing what happened, he didn't hesitate to run to the injured cat to undertake to assist him. The dog planted himself in the middle of the road while trying several times to wake the cat. A passer-by recorded the dog’s reaction.

Animals are always the protagonists of emotional situations, showing their great hearts. they're ready to feel compassion for other species, leaving aside differences. Finally, Pantera Negra managed to push the cat aside so that nobody else could run him over. When the owner of the Black Panther saw the video on social networks, he mentioned his dog as “a good Samaritansamaritan.”

According to local information, Pantera Negra was walking through the region, as she usually does. But that day she faced a tragic situation to which she reacted with much love. The puppy’s gesture of generosity and solidarity was applauded by many people that saw the video.

Residents comment that since that sad day, Pantera Negra whenever she passes by the accident site looks for her deceased feline friend, who was removed by the city’s cleaning and maintenance team. Don’t stop telling this story, which though it didn’t have a cheerful ending gives us one among the foremost beautiful memories of love!

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