Dog waits everyday at bus stop for old lady that saved his life after being abandoned

 You can literally see the love in his eyes when he looks at his grandma!

In a village , there’s one stop . It’s a busy stop indeed! it’s the sole one that goes in and out of town and into the town . Strangely, the puppy was waiting there alone. If someone tries to catch him, he runs away. And he's fast! whenever a bus comes, he runs thereto as if he’s expecting someone.

People that come to the town, who don’t know the dog, assume it's been abandoned. They often ask if he's expecting his cruel owner to return. When each bus stops, it gets excited. When his owner doesn’t leave, he looks so sad, then goes back to the stop to attend everywhere again.

The truth is, this puppy features a story to tell! Years ago, he was abandoned and was tragically hit by a car. TheThe only one who stopped to help him was a wife.wife. She was very poor, but that didn’t stop her from taking the dog home and taking care of him back to health. She named him Bal Bal.

Bal Bal stopped with the help of the kind-hearted woman. The townspeople call her “Grandma.” Grandma is poor, but she does her best with Bal Bal. Since she can’t afford a correct fence, she built a makeshift kennel to stay Bal Bal warm on cold days.

However, Barbar is very smart. Every time Grandma must attend town for supplies, he escapes the kennel and runs after her. Grandma thinks it’s because he’s so dedicated to her for saving her life. RegardlessNo matter how many hours grandma is away, Bal Bal will wait for her at the station.stop.

On cold days, grandma worked very hard to stay at the reception of Barbar.reception. ButBut he can always find a way. He desperately wants to form sure Grandma isn’t alone when she returns to town. Your devotion is amazing. Without saying a word, Bal Bal tells his human that he loves her so deeply. That he will always be there for her regardless of what. he's cold and alone while waiting.

Of course, Grandma worries about his safety and tries her best. But she has been impoverished since adulthood.adulthood. She does everything she will, but it seems that Bal Bal features a mind of his own.

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