Dog’s Owner Thought She Died Two Years Ago But Rescuers Found Her Living Alone In The Mountains

I sat here, tears in my eyes, trying to think of how to describe this.

Animal control had been trying to capture a dog that was roaming around a gated community near the mountains. She was so thin that's was a miracle she was still alive. Hope For Paws came in when Animal Control failed and it’s an honest thing they did! The poor pup had lost tons of fur, you'll see her bones through her skin. Her appearance was completely heartbreaking. The dog was extremely scared of humans but she couldn’t resist the cheeseburgers her rescuers gladly fed her. The poor girl was starving.

As rescuers continued to feed her, one snuck behind her to urge the snare ready. It might be a scary few seconds, but that they had to capture this poor pup. She needed medical attention and a true home. The streets, or mountains, are not any place for dogs! She deserves a real home!

Finally, the thin dog was delicately captured and placed into the car. She was scared, but she was pretty good considering it. Her rescuers named her Edna. When they came to the medical office, they checked her for a microchip… and she or he had one! ClothedMany years ago, her original owner placed her in a new house. The masters told her that Edna was dead! How horrible!

But despite the great news of finding Edna alive, her original owner wasn’t curious about taking her back. Maybe it's a blessing, because...please… Edna was placed into an exquisite family and from there, she found her forever family! An exquisite mother and a human sister who absolutely admires her! No more hungry, lonely days for Edna ever again! YAY!

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