Dying Dog Found Locked Up In A Crate All Covered In Feces Gets Completely Transformed By Love

When the officers arrived they found a pooch all covered in feces, severely emaciated and completely starved

Back in November, Animal Cruelty Division received a call about what appeared to be a dead dog lying during a filthy crate in Austin, Texas. When the officers arrived, they found a pooch all covered in feces, severely emaciated and starved. On closer inspection, detective Ewa Wagner saw the doggie’s rib move…

“We realized [the dog] was alive, but just barely, so we rushed her to the Austin Animal Center where vets began emergency treatment,” Officer Wagner told The Huffington Post. “Her temperature was too low to even register on a thermometer and she or he wasn’t moving in the least. We didn’t think there was any way she would survive.”

But an angel by the name of Elizabeth Mancera, the veterinary technician, rushed to assist. ForFor the next few hours, she has been providing life-saving care for the dog. The vet also gave her a warm bath, and gently used a hand blower to assist raise the doggie’s blood heat . “During those first few hours I just talked to her and told her she was loved,” says Mancera. She decided to call the dog Sophie and realized she wanted to adopt this brave little survivor.

The dog has fully recovered and is adored by her new family. “She’ll never miss another meal and she’ll never be cold again,” asserts Elizabeth. “That I'm sure of.”

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