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Emotional Moment Loyal Tries To Wake Up Its Friend after he Being Hit By A Car

 He refused to leave his side .. 

We have heard that how loyal dogs are often as a pet or as a lover . This story is about truth friendship between two dogs but unfortunately one among them had lost his life and other tried to urge him back.

As the shocking pictures had immerged on the web you'll clearly see that cream colored dog trying to awaken his friend who is dead and contact the road. Back in Zhejiang Province on April 17, the brown Husky was found dead after getting hit by a car but his friend never let it go he tried the extent best to wake his friend up, but this dog wasn't conscious of the very fact that his friend is dead.

Few minutes after the woman who was the owner of that cream colored dog came and called her dog to go away the road and she or he called the medic to handle things . What a tragic story.



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  1. saddest thing i've seen in a long time. wish the best for those dogs.


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