Family Dumps Dog At High Kill Shelter Because She’s “Not A Cute Puppy” Anymore

While the other shelter dogs were barking and jumping around, Ellie quietly resigned herself to a corner as she waited for her scheduled euthanization.

Ellie Hell Bull was only a year old when her family dumped her at a high kill shelter in Jackson, Tennessee. The reason – they didn’t think she was “cute” now that she wasn’t a puppy anymore. The workers did their best to urge Ellie to be adopted in the next few days. But despite being gentle and polite, the unfortunate dog kept getting overlooked due to her shyness around new humans.

Soon, Ellie’s time was up as her kill list turn got due. But on the day she was set to be put down, a person named Jon Patel walked into the shelter. Jon wasn’t exactly keen on adopting a Pit Bull, but he couldn’t help but notice Ellie’s gloomy and defeated stance. While the opposite shelter dogs were barking and prancing around, Ellie had quietly resigned herself to a corner in her kennel as she waited for her scheduled euthanization. But when Jon walked toward her, she desperately reached her paw out, as if she was begging for an additional chance to measure.

Jon was shocked when he realized Ellie was close to be put to sleep. He immediately called his wife, Kayla, and told her all about this lonely girl. The couple immediately decided to rescue Ellie and provides her the life she deserved. They convinced the shelter to call off the euthanization, and adopted Ellie in subsequent week!

Ellie lost her mind the instant she walked into her new place. She couldn’t believe her luck as she settled into her cozy forever home, and thanked her parents with the most important kisses! Today, Ellie may be a snuggly girl who loves twiddling with bubbles and chasing butterflies.

While some skeptical locals still judge the Patels for adopting a “fierce Pittie,” the couple knows that they need been blessed the sweetest dog in the world!