Heart-broken Dog Dying Alone in Gutter Rescued Just in Time

 A street dog lay heartbroken and defeated in a gutter filled with sewage, waiting to die and he would have had rescuers not received a call.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India got a call to their helpline about the emaciated and sick dog.

“We found him lying within the filthy water with flies swarming around his eyes,” they wrote.

“He was skeletal then weak he seemed unaware and unable to react to his surroundings.”

They rushed him back to their shelter and commenced their efforts to stabilize him, unsure if they were too late. But a couple of days later Shyam wanted to eat…

…and a couple of months then — we barely recognize him, the transformation is so incredible.

Watch Shylam’s full rescue and recovery within the heartwarming video below.
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