“Hideous” Dog Looked Like A Rotting Mummy, And They Put Her On Top Of Kill-List

 The poor pooch hadn't felt an ounce of love in all her miserable life. A year of painstaking care later, she now looks unrecognizable.

Blondie the Chihuahua mix was a sickly, shivering mess when she was discovered by the workers of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

She barely seemed like a dog thanks to her hairless skin crammed with hardened scabs, which gave her a “mummified” appearance. Blondie visibly had no fight left in her, so she was placed high on the “at-risk” euthanasia list.

When the staff at Sky Sanctuary Rescue stumbled upon Blondie’s picture, their hearts sank. They knew this poor girl had never experienced love or care in her miserable life, and that they badly wanted to offer her a good chance to heal herself. But as they visited rescue her subsequent morning, they finally realized why euthanizing this poor girl appeared like a much more merciful option. Blondie had demodex mites crawling under her decaying skin, which was the source of an awful stench. Her teeth were protruding and each bone on her body was visible on her pain-stricken body. To add to her woes, she was diagnosed with keratoconjunctivitis sicca, a nasty condition that caused central corneal opacities.

The rescuers were scared Blondie would succumb to her condition soon, but they decided to face by her and supply her with the specified treatment regime. It was also found that she had an autoimmune disorder called Vasculitis that further compromised her recovery. Eventually, Caitlin Beall, the co founder of the rescue, volunteered to be Blondie’s foster mom, and commenced caring for her 24/7. The first few days were excruciating for Caitlin as Blondie was very cautious around humans.

But because the little pooch started feeling better, she surprised her foster mom by climbing on her lap and showering her with cuddles! After that, there was no looking back for Blondie. She became the darling of her foster siblings and blossomed into a stunning little warrior! This video documents Blondie’s, soul-stirring recovery journey. It certainly was a mentally and physically draining experience for everybody involved, but all her little victories are miracles in their own way. The funny thing is, Blondie was named so because her rescuers assumed she would have blonde fur. But check out this brunette queen now!

Click the video below to see Blondie’s roller-coaster ride as she transforms from a “mummy” to a cutie. WARNING: The content of this video could also be disturbing to some viewers.

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