Little Puppy Found Bullied By Kids Who Throwing Rocks At Him

Murphy who is only six-week-old pup was in desperate need for a real hero to take an action.

A terrified small dog was found hiding during a corner because there have been some bad boys throwing rocks at him. Sidewalk Specials had found and saved him just in time, then he was delivered to the Vet Point clinic where he was examined there.

The body of Murphy, who is six-week-old, was filled with ticks that caused him anemia. The vet tried to select the ticks, then they gave him a fast bath. Now, Murphy is with a foster and he's healing, he also had new doggy foster siblings.


Murphy, the sweet puppy, is now happy and safe as well as his new foster mother who accompanies her to work! Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends.

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