Ohio woman reunited with dog stolen 8 years ago during home invasion

The dog, which was surrendered to a shelter, was adopted and returned three times over the years before his original owner found him.

A woman in Ohio was reunited with her beloved dog that was stolen as a puppy from her eight years ago during housebreakinghousebreaking.

Julia Nemeth raised Junior from a puppy and decided to urge him back, holding out hope she would eventually find him again. However, the search proved difficult. She scoured shelter photos over the years, hoping to find out her smart, friendly furry friend looking back at her. “She thought she found him on Craigslist listed purchasable, but the poster never skilled her email. While she checked the Humane Society of Summit County website, her searches never matched up together with his time at our shelter,” agency officials said on social media.

Junior was referred to as “Buddy” during his sporadic stays at the shelter that started after he was first surrendered there in July 2018. He became a favorite among staff and volunteers but didn't show an equivalent personality to visitors. He was adopted and returned 3 times over the years. In mid-December, Julia saw Buddy’s picture on the Humane Society of Summit County website and knew it had been Junior. She talked with shelter staff and discussed Junior’s personality. Buddy displayed similar quirks.

During an initial meeting, Buddy started licking Julia’s face. He even executed commands from her gestures, which were the juniors she taught when she was a child. She knew it was a teenager.Junior. SubsequentThe next day, Julia brought her four children to meet the requirements of the juniors to make sure he would join.in. He left that night. “I keep asking my husband to pinch me because I can’t believe this is often real,” Nemeth said during a statement. “I can’t believe Junior is home. He carried me through challenges of my life and to possess him back means everything to me.”

Junior, now 9 years old, is settling in, enjoying time snuggling on the couch, chewing his toys and playing fetch. He is also getting along well with the family’s other dogs. “The little ham will get to spend the last of his years like he did within the beginning directly attached to my side,” Nemeth said on social media. “My family is finally complete again.”

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