Owner Moves Out Of Apartment & Leaves Friendly Dog Behind To Die

 His body slowly wasted away and his fur fell off. He withered to skin and bones as he faithfully waited for his owner to return.

One of the worst things an individual can do to a dog is to go away him behind after they move out of a house. That’s exactly what happened to an innocent pup whose owner left him behind at a housing complex. Maybe, the person didn’t have the time or resources for the poor dog, but they might have taken him to shelter. Instead, they left the poor animal on their lonesome with nothing to eat, drink, and nowhere to travel.

A good Samaritan found the pup in such an emaciated state of health that he was barely recognizable. Fortunately, he was taken to a rescue group for urgent help at a veterinarian. At first, he was too afraid to eat food though he was starving. However, he did show an interest in water, which was an honest start.

Vets began the slow and steady process of examining him, grooming him, and getting him verified. AsWhen his sick little body trembles with fear, this cute puppy hopes to have time to trust humans again. He was given blood transfusions, which helped immensely, because the pup began to point out some strength and signs of eager to eat his own. As time went on and he placed on a couple of pounds, he began to steer and wag his tail. The clinic staff cried with joy when he saw his recovery.

They named the pup Mas, and he has been adopted by an exquisite person. lately, he plays with other dogs, features a full coat of fur, and has regained complete health. We love knowing that Mas are going to be okay and can never be neglected or misused again. For more about his incredible story, please watch the video below. We remind our readers to urge in-tuned with local animal control or an area rescue if you'll not look after your pets.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown December 7, 2020 at 5:03 PM

    These people that treat animals this way, should they themselves be treated the way they have treated these innocent animals. I can not believe how sick these people are. You are cold hearted, unfeeling, cowards and insensitive to life. You should be treated just like any other law breaking individual and if it were up to me I'd sentence everyone of you AH's to death without flinching an eye. Murder is murder!!!!

    • Anonymous December 2, 2022 at 8:29 AM

      I agree with every thing you say


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