Puppy Found Living Inside A Tire Distributes Smiles To Her Rescuers

 Her smile actually pushed her rescuers to take action when they found her.

This story speaks about Panama, a poor pup, who was found living in an old tire and covered in mange in Memphis, Tennessee. The people overlooked food for her, as they couldn’t get close to her.

They took a photograph of the poor dog and posted it online, in hopes they might find help for her.

A foster coordinator named Michelle Quina of the Streetdog Foundation hurriedly bent over to help the dog after seeing the request.

When the dog saw the lady, she ran directly onto the tires. But she then taken by Quina, who takes her to the vet for examination, and she or he was diagnosed with worms and demodex mange.

Fortunately, Panama visited to accept Quina as a foster caregiver because she got rid of scabies. She is now having a cheerful life that's filled with playing and meeting people. She can also be adopted.

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