Sad Dog Becomes Longest Resident At Shelter Spending 866 Days There

A 4-year-old pit bull named Charlize had a sweet and energetic personality when was bought at a little shelter first. But no one took the opportunity after 5 months to the happy dog so the shelter couldn’t keep taking care of her anymore that they had to transfer her to the Delaware SPCA as a final resort.

The shelter change was good at first on the other hand the overcrowded shelter with anxious dogs turned too stressful for the poor Charlize, she desperately needed a replacement home but people always overlooked her “over-excited and impatient.” As time passed, the staff at the shelter saw this poor dog on the verge of death. She was frustrated because she was worried that she would never be able to find her forever home, and the staff even reached out to the area People offered her opportunities, but they didn't succeed. On the 866th day in the asylum, a miracle happened and someone was curious about adopting her.

MatthewMatthew is an American veteran. He and his girlfriend Anna just changed home. In order to complete their family, they need Charlize.

The couple likes to take risks, so energetic and naughty dogs are ideal for them. On her answer, the sweet canine that has been the longest resident at the Delaware SPCA had the sweetest and largest smile on her face.

Talk about a cheerful ending.

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