Senior Dog Hangs Her Head Down As She Feels Worthless, Woman Begs Her To Look

Family said that she has no more value for them. And Being chained for such a long time, she started to believe that she is worthless, and hung her head in shame.

This story tells the story of a poor dog named Athena, who was abandoned by her family outside with an important chain hanging around her neck, and then moved away!

The condition of the dog, who was so down, was so bad. She didn't know the sensation of being alone as she just had been with a family. She was left with nothing to eat; she only watched the vehicles that passed her in hope that she would get water and food.

Thankfully, Laurica Nagel, a rescuer, drove to assist her after hearing her story. Laurica took her to the medical clinic, where they found that her health was good despite being blind in an eye fixed and having ticks and fleas.

She was then placed in a shelter, but not for long, because she was in foster care at the time. She has many puppy friends at home, and she or he receives the simplest care. Paws 4 Hope shared his story online, which helped her urge adoption. She now features a great life as well as her new family. Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends.

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