She Couldn’t Afford Strays Medical Care, She Dressed Him And Gave Him Food

 Poor woman couldn't take him to the vet. But at least she tried her best to make him comfortable.

This story speaks about Buster, a really sweet dog, who was found lying nearby a neighbour’s home unable to steer. The good neighbor covered the dog with a blanket after dressing him to stay him warm and giving him some food. She then contacted Animal Aid to return to assist the dog as he needed medical help.

When the rescuers of the Animal Aid Unlimited arrived, they tried to left the dog to find out if he could sit down or stand by himself but it had been really hard for him as he couldn’t bear any weight on his back legs. The dog was so calm in the sanctuary of the Animal Aid despite being surrounded by strangers.

He showed the rescuers that he trusted them despite being in clear pain. He was diagnosed with a spinal injury but he still has a sensation in his back legs which is sweet.

Buster received three weeks of physiotherapy but it had been still really hard to him to face by himself. But nobody was close to hand over on him, so, they decided to figure out his joints and muscles.

He started walking again after 6 weeks of treatment. He also wags his tail at anyone he sees. The simplest thing was that he was adopted by the lady who found him with an enormous smile in his face! What an excellent ending!

Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends.

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