She Snored Through Her First Safe Sleep Since Ex-Owner Tried To Kill Her 3 Times

Molly has lived a rough life. Her owner not only neglected her, but tried to kill her three different times.

Thankfully, she survived, and managed to flee her lifetime of hell with only a skin condition. Left untreated, she began to lose her hair, but it had been nothing that some medicine couldn’t fix. All of her bad days are now over. When Sidewalk Specials rescued her, Molly snored in her first safe sleep.

She can finally sleep peacefully in the dark, knowing that she will never be abused again. Today, Molly seems to be a completely different dog. She received treatments for her skin condition, and every one of her beautiful white fur grew back. She has since been adopted, and wears a permanent smile on her face.

When Molly’s mom first saw her, it had been love first sight. She knew she had to open up her home and heart to this sweet girl. Molly now features a warm bed to sleep in and doggy siblings to play with. Watch Molly’s incredible transformation in the video below:

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  • Unknown
    Unknown January 29, 2021 at 6:49 AM

    So very happy for this little sweetheart. This a story of heavenly redemption but there are so many more out there that suffer their tormented lives in anguish and silence. Please be mindful of those poor babies also.

    • Soul
      Soul August 13, 2021 at 8:58 AM

      Wtf is wrong with people .? Leave the dogs be there not here on earth for you to harm them. Love them don't hurt them.


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