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Stray Puppy With His Ear Torn Off Cried for Help Until These Kind Rescuers Arrived

 But rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited were close to make his pain get away .

They write, “We got a call to rescue a puppy whose ear was almost completely torn off. He was screaming in pain and frantically shaking his head once we found him hiding behind bushes in an empty lot. We brought him back to Animal Aid where we began his treatment. His ear was so damaged and severed that we would have liked to surgically remove it for his speedy recovery.”

The tiny pup persevered and after his surgery he rebounds into a cheerful , healthy puppy. Watch his rescue and recovery within the video below.

Warning: video contains graphic imagery and imagery from surgery which will be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is suggested .



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  1. Where would I send a donation to? It looked like India to me.


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