Stray Sick Puppy Lost His Brother And Almost Lost His Mom Too, But Vet Never Gives Up

 His mom was very emaciated , barley can feed her sick puppies, but all that was about to change.

We Saved A Puppy, a rescue group, received a call a few poor little pup, that was found alone, and soaking wet. The tiny puppy, which was so hungry, as if greeting people by running in the roads, which suggests that getting hit by a vehicle was just a matter of your time .

Thankfully, the rescue group was ready to rescue the dog in the pouring rain, and that they called him Stormy due to that. They gave him water and food as he was starving. They then took the dog, that was covered in fleas, to the veterinarian, who found that Stormy’s blood was anemic due to not having a correct diet, and then the flea infestation. So, they gave him medication and dewormed for anemia.

They then gave him a flea bath, and that they acknowledged that he's so sweet. Then he wore a delightful dinosaur jumpsuit to keep warm. They then started their thanks to find a forever home for him by posting his photo online. Thankfully, he was adopted by an excellent woman. How lucky! Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends.

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