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Terrified Stray Dog Screams In Pain When He Sees Rescuers Approaching Him

 He was found wandering the streets with a crushed pelvis. Masik never experienced kindness by humans. But You should see him now

A call came to Hope For Paws by Mike Badger, an honest Samaritan, a few homeless injured dog, who was in desperate need of help. the person had been feeding the dog a day and he called Hope For Paws after knowing that they will do the proper thing for the pup.

When Hope For Paws volunteers came to the scene, they found the dog sleeping against a wall up the economic area, in order that they decided to require him to the vet, but when the dog saw them, he ran away, then they started chasing him and managed to catch him with a snare.

At first, the poor puppy tried to flee the snare, but he then calmed down and took some food from the rescuers who named him Masik. At the vet, they knew that the dog’s body was covered in fleas, and matted filthy hair. So, they decided to shave all of his matted hair by putting under a deep anesthesia.

They also knew that Masik had a crushed pelvis which needed an instantaneous surgery. Thankfully, the surgery was successful and it had been performed by Dr. Antonio Pedraza. The dog is now healing at L.A. Animal Rescue’s family and he needs a forever home after being completely healed.

Watch the video below.