The special moment a stray puppy shakes rescuer’s hand after saving its life

 Moments after the rescuers saved him he stole everyone’s heart with a sweet gesture: he shakes the hand of the man who saved her as a sign of gratitude

From all the animal dogs are the foremost loyal ones, they provide us unconditional love and stay by our side throughout our bad and good days, but despite all of this, many dogs are left behind every day by their cruel owners.

Some of these abandoned dogs may find yourself in shelters, but an honest amount of them are left to die on the road but the puppy of our story was saved at the eleventh hour thankfully. A young puppy of 6 months was confused walking on the side of a busy road in Romania, Eastern Europe, when he was spotted by volunteers of the Howl Of A Dog – a rescue group. “We were afraid he might get scared and make a sudden move and run towards the cars. He was only a couple of meters far away from the busy road where cars kept passing” the group wrote. “So we waited until he felt comfortable with our presence and allowed us to approach him.”

Moments after the rescuers saved him, he stole everyone’s heart with a sweet gesture: he shakes the hand of the person who saved her as a symbol of gratitude. The Howl Of A Dog rescuer managed to capture the sweet moment privately, they published the footage on YouTube and gathered 15 million views. They took the sweet pooch to the vet and gave him the needed medication, he's now named Frame and then the group shared on social media that he got adopted by a family living in the UK.

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