This 'heartbroken' dog ran away from home everyday to visit his dead owner's grave

 A loyal dog in Turkey was obviously very saddened by his owner’s death, that he often went missing from home, yet no one knew where he fled to, until one day.

The famous saying ‘Dog is the man’s best friend’ has been a standard phrase to explain dog’s loyalty and may be, it's the foremost accurate saying ever said about dogs. The planet was once surprised by the heart-wrenching tale of Hachiko’s remarkable loyalty towards his owner even when he had given up the ghost . Apparently, an identical incident had also happened in Turkey.

It began when a Turkish man, Ismail Öztürk decided to adopt an abandoned newborn puppy. He later named the puppy Zozo and therefore the dog was affectionate towards Öztürk as he took an excellent care of it

However, on February 10, 2014, Öztürk gave up the ghost. His death was grieved by many and this included Zozo also

Soon after Öztürk’s funeral, the family noticed that Zozo frequently ran far away from home and only returned after for a short time . However, they never knew where Zozo went. One day, Öztürk’s son, Zafer Öztürk came to his grave to pay a visit. When he received his father’s grave, he noticed a surprising figure lying on top of his father’s grave. That figure turned out to be Zuo Zuo! The family later acknowledged that Zozo ran far away from home a day to go to Öztürk’s grave as he had been missing his owner so badly

Even though Zozo cannot speak how badly he missed Öztürk, he showed his love by visiting him at his grave. His love for his late owner is simply pure and extraordinary.

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