Tiny Chihuahua Slightly Bigger Than A Can Couldn't Stop Shaking Until She Was Rescued

She'd probably lived in the dark for most of her life

Claire Stokoe saw a photograph of a touch Chihuahua as she was checking her Facebook, so she directly called the rescue group that posted the photo to ask about the poor dog.

She is really curious about adopting this cute little animal. She knew that the small Chihuahua had come from a pup mill in the UK. The poor dog had some scabs on her ears and scars on her legs.

The Chihuahua, who was then named Brie, had a very hard time to open her eyes in the light, as she was possibly grown during a very dark place.

Claire traveled 600 miles from Durham, England to Wales before bringing Brie home. Finally, Brie was adopted by Claire and she or he is now becoming better more and more, she needed comfort and love, which what Claire will give her.

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