Unwanted Shelter Dog Ignored For 9 Years, Celebrates His Adoption With The World.

 He has been waiting for 9 years. And he Freaked Out The moment he realized that his turn finally came

Tito, a shelter dog, was so sad after being ignored for quite nine years by adopters. Tito wasn't already on a kill list as he was at a no-kill shelter called Noah's Kennel, but that didn't mean that Tito was happy as he didn't want to go away his kennel after believing he was unloved.

The shelter tried their best to seek out an adapter for Tito, and that’s what happened when Carmen, a short woman, who came to the shelter to adopt him.

The workers of the shelter were quite happy to understand that, but it took a while for Tito to point out a symbol of happiness. Anyway, the important thing was that he finally visited a forever home, which surely means he will never be alone again. Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends,

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