Unwanted Shelter Dog Overlooked Because Of A Tumor That affects Her Whole Face

Her rescuer knew that she was going to fight to death to do whatever it might take to save her.

A shelter Husky dog called Serenity was unwanted thanks to an enormous tumor that up her whole face (skull, eye sockets, and her nasal cavity).

When Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform’s President, Patti Dawson, knew she had to try to something to save lots of the dog after seeing her at a shelter in San Antonio. DawsonWhen she kissed her face, Dawson was attracted by tranquility from the first glance. That’s when she decided to fight everything just to save lots of Serenity’s life.

Dawson took the dog to a critical specialist and general medicine to be examined after picking her up from the shelter. The veterinarians can’t do much about Serenity’s tumor while she will still eat, breathe and see normally. Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends,

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