Urgent plea issued on behalf of injured, likely abused, dog at animal control agency

An urgent plea for help has been issued on behalf of an injured, likely abused, dog who is waiting to be saved at a busy animal control facility in Miami, Florida. On Sunday, the Urgent Dogs and Cats of Miami Facebook page wrote:

Please blast this injured/abused dog.‼️‼️ Animal ID: #A2196337 Name: Zoe, 2 year old tan terrier female, Please blow up this injured dog. due out 12/24/20 🆘🆘🆘 Presented to clinic as an emergency‼Perhaps the most important request for assistance data is the date-December 24th.24. Yes, on Christmas Eve, the “safe” holding period for Zoe ends and she or isare often euthanized.

Other medical records indicate that Zoe suffered a serious injury to his leg:gs: Multiple injuries to the front leg.gs. Front legs are swollenThe right front leg was severely injured, and there was an open lesion in the middle of the femur.ur. Seropurulent discharge. RFLeg: Trauma/fracture/luxation. Mouth: left superior maxilOpen the gums to expose the bones without bleeding.ng. Please share Zoe’s adoption information. She must be pulled from the Miami-Dade animal control facility and brought to a veterinarian for care.

Animal ID: #A2196337 Name: Zoe

Miami Dade Animal Services Doral. Florida

3599 NW 79th Ave, Doral, FL 33166

Call 305-884-1101 or e mail adoptmiamipets@miamidade.gov

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