10-year-old boy used a large plastic bucket to save animals from a flood

 I'm glad to know that in the world where there is still so much to fight against, there are people who inspire us to be better people every day! 

You don’t need to be an adult to try to great things for others. it's only necessary to possess an honest heart and be generous to those in need no matter age.

In 2018, a 10-year-old boy rescued dogs, parakeets, and even a rooster from drowning in the floods caused by Hurricane Willa in Nayarit, Mexico. The child took a spare boat to the streets, and an extra-large plastic bucket was used to help the lost animals and to help them drift. He didn’t discriminate against any quite animal. He is a hero! The phenomena caused the overflow of two rivers, affecting about 150 thousand people. Justin Dilan decided to weather the weather and took a container he had in his house and walked the streets near his house to assist the needy animals without asking anything reciprocally.

He wasn’t afraid to drown or not come later, he just went and came back with all the animals he could put in the living bucket. Because of the species, no animals were left, it even brought a species. During his journey, he realized that some parakeets, and a chicken needed help. Then, he took them to a secure place to guard themselves from the flow and put their safety above his.

Jostyn’s gesture roused kindness in social networks and thus gained the respect and admiration of all citizens. He prevented the animals from drowning before his eyes and leaving them there to suffer wasn't an option for him. Reaching those who need help the most can be a gesture full of soul. The same goes for animals. No matter what condition they're in, we must give them the chance to continue during this world.

I am really glad to understand that in the world where there's still such a lot to fight against, there are people that inspire us to be better people a day.

Congratulations BIG Jostyn for your heroic act, you're a really special boy and that I had to tell your story to the world!

Never forget, the foremost important things in life aren't things, they're actions and moments!

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