Abused Dog Was So Traumatized He Peed Himself When Rescuers Tried To Touch Him

 Abused Dog Was So Traumatized He Peed Himself When Rescuers Tried To Touch Him

When rescuer Victor Larkhill and his dedicated team learned about a particularly misused dog named Otto, they immediately arrived to scoop him up from his lifetime of despair. The dog was tossed away by his owner, and he was found hiding during a corner in an effort to shield himself from humans.

The rescuers somehow brought Otto to the hospital. However, whenever someone touched it, the frightened dog would pee. He would lower his head and never check out his rescuers, and he never moved his body even after days of rescue. The rescuers feared if a “damaged” dog like him could ever open his heart to humans. Consulting animal behaviorists declared that Otto will never be ready to accept humans, and must be moved to a sanctuary.

Otto’s shut-down state was an enormous hurdle, but the rescuers didn’t want to offer abreast of him so easily. For subsequent few months, they consistently worked with him to enhance his receptiveness toward humans. ItIt's difficult, but Otto is improving every day.day. One day, the sweet dog kissed a caretaker out of the blue! He had finally begin of his shell!

In this emotional video, we see Otto’s remarkable journey of healing his broken soul. By the top , he’s not a dog who shudders at the sight of humans. His transformation into a loving and friendly dog is nothing but a miracle! Otto’s story may be a reminder that each abused dog can blossom if he receives love! Click on the video below to observe how Otto gradually got rid of the shackles of abuse and embraced humanity again!

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  • Unknown
    Unknown February 11, 2021 at 11:10 AM

    Why why do people do this I don't understand how people can do this to a dog who only wants love It truly breaks my heart and I cry when i read and see this . We need to stop this . People exchanging older dogs for a newer model NOOOOOOO !!!!! people. Starving a poor dog why would anyone do this starve a dog who relieves on humans to feed , love and care. You who do this and think nothing of it until they get caught . Your all assholes !!!!

    • Anonymous January 3, 2023 at 6:16 AM

      So well said , people who do this are pure evil


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