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Animal Rescuer Writes Emotional Message To The Person Who Abandoned Their Dog

 The dog's desperate state made Brooke share an emotional message addressed at the cruel person who abandoned the poor animal.

Brooke rescues tons of dogs as a part of her job with Kings SPCA Rescue in Lemoore, California, but one rescue in the week need to her. She was called bent help rescue a dog who had been dumped on a roadside by his owner. The dog was hungry, starving and afraid and needed their help.

She filmed the rescue (see the video below) then shared her feelings openly in an emotional letter addressed to the dog’s former owners.

Brooke’s letter reads:

“Dear The Callous POS owner of this dog,

“Today we noticed a few of emails from folks that had noticed your dog that had been abandoned on 15th ave and Excelsior ave. After watching date, your dog had been sitting there since Saturday morning a minimum of . it had been 3:00 pm today once we finally noticed the messages because we've been so busy. We decided to drive over and see if we could help. surely there he was.

“He waited for you.”


“He hadn’t left the place you made him stay. He was being an honest dog. He stayed on the brink of the last place he saw his favorite person within the world. He thought you were returning . He was watching every car that might come down the road hoping it had been you returning for him. Your dog has been freezing, hungry, and scared for days because you're a heartless piece of crap.

“He waited for you.

“He was so hungry that he was eating sticks. Nice people had stopped to drop off food but he was still so hungry and confused. But even with food sitting ahead of him he knew he had to attend for you to return back.

“He waited for you.

“He isn’t a nasty dog. he's a really good dog. You were a nasty friend. You abandoned someone that might give his life for you. Someone who doesn’t care how long you stayed away at work. Someone who is simply as happy to ascertain you if u just go outside to see the mail or if you allow for days. Someone who would lick the tears off your cheeks and therefore the leftover food from your plate when u were done eating.”


“He won’t be expecting you anymore.

“After he was seen for day curled during a ball on the road you left him, we came back for him. We came back with a fellow rescuer named Yvonne from Raven’s Rescue BullyBreed Sanctuary. it had been night time and that we could hear the coyotes within the distance. We sat there for hours. We talked to him. We sat there singing to him. We fed him and offered him a blanket.

“Your dog ate from our hand after hours of throwing him wet food. Your dog finally came closer to us as we laid within the cold dirt telling him “everything goes to be ok and this is often the last time anyone will hurt you”. Your dog finally let me pet the highest of his head. Then behind his ears. Finally he didn’t run once I scooted over and sat next to him. He finally laid down and allowed me to offer him belly rubs. He let me put a leash on him and didn’t attempt to run.

“He didn’t panic until it had been time to go away . He wanted to attend for you. He refused to steer to the van. I carried your huge dog to our van; your big, gentle, scared, and constant dog. I carried your dog faraway from the last place he saw you. He howled the entire car ride to our shelter. He howled the foremost painful howl I even have ever heard. it had been the sound of his heart breaking. He desperately tried to urge back to the spot that you simply left him. He frantically checked every window then watched out the rear window as we drove away. His howls lasted until he came to the driving force seat and howled at me. As I reached over to pet his head he checked out me so confused and laid his head on my lap and whined as we pulled up to the shelter.”


“You don’t deserve this amazing puppy. You don’t deserve any dog in the least .
My dog will ditch you. He will find an honest home and can get the love he deserves. He will know what it’s wish to have a true home.

“I don’t care who you're or your excuse on why you abandoned my dog. It’s probably a BS reason anyways. you're a rotter . I pray your year is crammed with karma and bad health.



I can only imagine the fear and pain that poor dog was feeling over the past few days. I hope Brooke finds him the simplest home possible.

Share Brooke’s message together with your family and friends who support animal rescue!