Blind Stray Dog Would Bite Anyone, Now Can Set In Humans Lap

 The dog didn't stop trying to bite the rescuers, Until they realized that it was blind

A tiny stray Poodle kept trying to bite Eldad Hagar, an animal rescuer, when he first approached it because it was so scared. So, he thought that the dog was aggressive thanks to his injury.

But the reality was that the dog was blind! Eldad was ready to snare the dog, who kept trying to bite him.

After 30 mins, Eldad was ready to gain the dog’s trust. Dolittle, the dog, knew that he wasn't getting to be hurt, and sat beside Eldad.

Dolittle was taken to the groomer, where Eldad realized that the dog wasn't completely blind. That’s when the dog has undergone a successful eye surgery to revive his sight. He was then moved into care with L.A. Animal Rescue.

Watch the video below.

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