Dog Found Floating In A Cage Near The Edge Of A Lake

Dog found floating in the water of Kaufman Lake in Illinois is doing well thanks to a local hero.

The drowning dog was found by a fisherman who ignored and leaped into the water to save lots of the animal. Bryant Fritz then put the dog into his truck and bolted to the University of Illinois Veterinary Hospital to form sure the dog got the care it needed.

When he brought her into the hospital, she was affected by hypothermia and needed a wound to be treated accordingly.

“She is doing well! The team has been busy taking care of her today. She got a shower and her wounds are being treated. She may be a sweetheart and has been receiving many love and a spotlight. Many thanks to all or any of the folks that have reached out and offered to assist ,” says Dr. Jenica Harashak, a specialist in emergency and important care/

Fritz is keen to adopt the dog once Champaign County Animal Control takes custody. His dog recently passed away and knew that these two were destined. Learn more about the fisherman’s story in the video below:

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