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Dog Is Left Confused After Owner Ridiculously Dumps Her For Being “Too Nice”

 The dog was confused to find herself back in the shelter, and she kept blaming herself for being a "bad dog".

It was a rather absurd situation at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, when a man walked in to surrender his dog, Jubilee.

The man claimed that the 1-year-old Irish setter and Heeler mix had embarrassing “anxiety issues”, and was a touch “too affectionate and clingy” for his taste.

The man also expressed his frustration over how Jubilee would chew his cushions if he didn’t concentrate to her.

He obviously never put in any effort to coach her, but was still excessively critical of her “demanding” nature.

Poor Jubilee lovingly stared at her owner all the while he kept complaining, but the apathetic man simply filled the paperwork and walked away.

Jubilee was heavily confused to seek out herself back within the shelter, and she or he kept blaming herself for being a “bad dog”.

The shelter staff was heartbroken to ascertain this bright-eyed girl getting depressed every day , in order that they shared her story with the community in hopes of finding a home that accepts her as she is.

Needless to mention , nobody could wrap their head round the “lame excuse” provided by Jubilee’s owner for abandoning her.

Within days, many adoption applications poured in as more and more people reached bent take this endearing sweetheart home!

Jubilee eventually found her perfect home with Samantha and her family. In fact, her popularity also helped a few of other shelter dogs find forever homes.

Jubilee lives it up together with her new family now, and her anxiety is already recuperating .

She remains a clinger though, and her new “victim” is Samantha’s teen son, who hardly minds getting overdosed amorously from his furry bestie!

Click the video below to observe how Jubilee got dumped unceremoniously for being the nicest dog ever.