Dramatic Footage Captures Firefighters Saving Dog From Burning Kennel

 "We've got a dog out here." Watch as these heroes spring into action the moment they find the dog next to the flames.

Stockton Firefighters Local 456 shared dramatic footage of them rescuing a dog from a fierce blaze during a range in Northern California. In the footage captured on a body camera, the firefighters enter the 2-story home to battle the blaze. Flames are billowing out of rooms and that they are surrounded by orange.

“The fire burned so hot, it compromised most of the windows within the structure allowing smoke to go away and lightweight to enter,” fire officials said on Facebook. “With the wind at the rear of the firefighters, this video capture provides a rare glimpse into what firefighters must affect .”

When firefighters re-entered the house to subdue the flames from spreading to a neighboring home, they found a dog inside a fenced kennel next to a shed that was ablaze (minute 5:57). The dog was as distant from the blaze as he could get, painting by the door.

After dousing the shed with water, firefighters were ready to rescue the dog and carry him far away from the burnt shed. “The quick extinguishment of the shed presumably saved the dog’s life, who was caged next to the hearth ,” they wrote.

Fortunately for the dog, he didn't seem to suffer any injuries from the hearth . He’s alive today because of these heroes!

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