Everyone thought the dog looked like a “monster”, but she just wanted to be loved

 She’s so adorable, she deserves all the love

A woman named Charlotte was wandering about the streets of Bali when she noticed a really “disfigured” stray dog named Delilah. Living a lifetime of hardship and privation had clearly taken a toll on the young pooch, as most of her fur had fallen off to reveal her sore, reddened skin underneath. However, it had been Delilah’s affectionate nature that caught Charlotte off guard.

Despite having no source of heat and luxury in her life, Delilah was a sweetheart with everyone she met. She would wag her tail non-stop and smile brightly whenever someone approached her. Charlotte could see that Delilah’s painful skin condition was worsening every day, so she decided to rescue her from the wretched streets. Saving Delilah wasn't the smallest number bit easy, because the suffering pooch had disappeared by the time Charlotte returned with rescue supplies.

The anxious woman then walked to a local hawker and learned of the shabby place where Delilah slept every night.nightly. Becausethrough the combined efforts of the many animal lovers, Delilah was finally rescued with the help of a trap. Delilah’s healing journey was never meant to be a cakewalk, more so due to her progressed illness. But because of passion, patience, and proper care, she has grown into a ridiculously beautiful girl! however, the dark cloud of uncertainty was still looming over her future, until the day she met a lady named Amelia – her forever mom!

The video below not only focuses on Delilah’s extraordinary rescue from the streets of Bali, but also documents her transformation into her fluffy, tail-wagging glory. The thing that really bowled us over is Delilah’s imperishable spirit and her happy-go-lucky demeanor throughout the ebb and flow of life! What a survivor! Click the video below to see Delilah’s magical transformation after being rescued from the streets. WARNING: The content of this video could also be disturbing to some viewers.

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