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Faithful Dog Refuses to Leave Her Deceased Owner’s Grave

 Deta was heartbroken when her human passed away. Then she visited her resting place for the first time. What she does when they coax her to the car made everyone break down in tears.

A devoted dog refused to go away her recently deceased owner’s grave during a heartbreaking video filmed by relations .

Deta was visiting the graveside of her 86-year-old human, who died a few of months earlier. Deta, who was the woman’s constant companion, didn't want to go away the cemetery in ny , even when called.

Theresa, the 86-year-old’s daughter, and her husband, who now lookout of Deta, couldn’t get the small dog to budge.

“Come on Deta, let’s go,” encourages Theresa.

At one point Deta does rise up from the grave but she stops and returns.

“Deta you've got to go away the cemetery, come on!” says Theresa’s husband.

Theresa is reduced to tears as Deta returns to take a seat beside the grave. “Oh my god. Aw, it’s making me cry. Deta! Deta! Deta!” she says.

Theresa later wrote online: “Deta belonged to my mother for five years and that i inherited Deta on my mothers’ death. My mother was 86 when she passed and infrequently left her home. Deta was a continuing companion. My husband and that i were placing a Christmas wreath on my mother’s grave on November 15.


“That stone Deta is laying next to belongs to my father and mother. you'll still see the fresh dirt on my mothers’ grave. She passed September 24, 2017.

“Deta (which means ‘little’ in Slavic) was being so quiet once we arrived, which is so out of character. My husband had to travel and carry her from the grave to urge her to go away .