“Foster Fail” Dog Refuses To Let Go Of His New Dad’s Hand After Being Rescued

 This is Velcro while in his way to his forever home

This is Velcro. On his way to his forever home, Sam Clarence encountered a bully rescue dog named Stanley because he needed a dog walk to go to a nearby shelter. He decided to need him home because it was obvious for him that he wasn't getting to be a foster success.

The dog was shy initially, but when he came out of his shell, he didn't stop! He became a loyal sweet dog over the months, he even befriended other dogs and humans.

Stanley loves his dad such a lot as he never leaves his hands, sleeping, watching TV, and playing, he never leaves it!

Thankfully, Stanley finally gets an excellent owner, who really loves him after spending a few years struggling. What a cheerful ending! Watch the video below.

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