Good Samaritan Saw Dog With Eyes Bulging Out, Dashed Through Vehicles To Save Him

 You should see his beautiful face after treatment

This story speaks a few poor innocent dog, that was found on the side of the freeway by some rescuers. The eyes of the dog, who tried to navigate his way around, are bulging out of the socket! it had been obvious that the one that did that was a true evil.

Unfortunately, his both eyes needed to be removed consistent with the vet who said that this case can’t be saved as he tried to reset them but they're completely damaged. The pup underwent a successful surgery as his pain wasn’t that big. He was also given continuous antibiotics and pain meds to stop infection. Thankfully, he learned how to live without eyes due to the love he received from his new family. The simplest thing was that he found a forever family who wanted to adopt him to offer him the life he deserves. He finally lived a good life with the great man and the kitten brothers. In addition to all or any of that, he also became a therapy dog to assist dogs and youngsters in their struggles. What an enormous transformation! Watch the video below.

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