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Grandpa seen gently pushing an old dog to a hospital and caring for it has touched netizens “This is true love”

 What makes someone or something likable? It are often their adorable face, bubbly personality, cheerful nature or anything in the least that appeals to others. Unfortunately, of these traits we discover admirable fades over time, as we get older .

Humans and pets alike, we both face an equivalent fate. As we get consumed by age, our movements are restricted, we contract illnesses and that we become physically weak. During times like these, we'd like someone to require care folks but what percentage are willing to genuinely care?

A touching picture shared by a netizen on Facebook shows an old man pushing a dog during a stroller on their hospital visit.

The grandfather, despite being old himself, cared for the furry companion enough knowing that he's weak and can’t walk on his own.

The photo was amid a caption that roughly translates as below:

“When i used to be taking my dog to the hospital, I saw a grandfather pushing an old dog step by step during a stroller. this is often what true love seems like . He won't leave it side until the very end.”

The netizen also made a couple of observations of the touching incident.


The grandpa was seen to bend over from time to time to see if the old dog was doing alright within the stroller.

He even gently wiped off the dirt from the corner of his eyes and adjusted his position within the stroller to form sure he's comfortable.

His every move are often seen filled with care and love and it had been so unconditional. The comments under the post read how touched netizens were watching such an act of affection . Here are a couple of .

“This is that the concept of living life to the entire .”

“A beautiful picture of the gorgeous world.”

“As long as you’re alive, I won’t hand over on you.”

Lucky are those that are loved, and therefore the dog is one lucky being.