Grieving dog stayed near his deceased owner’s side for weeks until discovered

 At the Tunica Humane Society  in Mississippi, the story of a grieving Canis Minor and then the heartbreak and pain he has endured is being shared; Lucky’s story is simply beyond sad.

On Saturday, rescuers picked Lucky up after his elderly owner had been discovered deceased in her Tunica home. Authorities estimated that this lady died two weeks ago. Fortunately, the people who stayed to mourn him did not have food or water. it's a miracle the sweet dog survived.

When picked up, Lucky was nothing quite skin, bones and fur; he was extremely dehydrated and weak, but there was more even more alarming. His mouth was filled with blood, and then the pup’s rescuers couldn’t imagine what could have occurred to cause the horrific damage. After speaking with the local groomer who had previously attended to Lucky, the dog had a tumor in his mouth which must have ruptured within the last fortnight, and now his mouth is raging with an infection. He has been hospitalized and has been receiving intravenous fluids and antibiotics.


On Monday, Lucky are going to be having a consultation with a specialist to work out if the tumor can safely be removed. At best, the seven-year-old pup will lose a part of his mandible and can need a special look after the remainder of his life. “Pray for his healing and broken heart… We are getting to do everything in our power to save lots of Lucky in Memory of his mom… She loved her Canis Minor with all her heart.”  

To help Lucky, donations are often made by  clicking here.

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