He Surrenders Himself To Death On The Side Of The Road, But Sooner His Pain Will Be Memories

He has been abandoned on a hardly seen spot on the street.

This story speaks about Alex, a poor dog, whose body had crammed with maggots and wounds, and he was extremely exhausted, dehydrated, and emaciated. Alex was really dying.

He was stuck from his collar on the side of a street in an abandoned place. He was unable to flee by himself. What made things worse was that he couldn't be seen from the road.

But everything got changed when he was spotted by an individual called Alex, who directly contacted an area animal rescue called Feed Friends Foundation for help.

They took him away and placed him in a family in AlleHadoc so that he could receive the care and love he needed when he recovered physically and mentally. He needs an arduous and great distance to recover, but nobody would hand over on him.

Alex got acquainted with new kittens and dogs, which helped him a lot. Thankfully, he was so brave as he was healed and got adopted by a loving family, who will never treat him badly. Watch the video below.

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